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Nous vous invitons à consulter le site de Poland Conventions pour toutes informations concernant l’organisation de congrès, de conférences et d’évènements en Pologne.

Sur le site de Poland Convention Bureau vous trouverez les adresses des convention bureaux régionaux  Regionale Convention Bureaux, les coordonnées des organisateurs des congrès et conférences Congress Organizers (PCO), des organisateurs de voyages incentives (DMC)  Incentive Travel Companies . Le site dispose aussi d’un calendrier d’évènements « Meetings Calender » ainsi que d’un catalogue d’établissements recommandés Unique Venues Catalogue.

Set in the heart of Europe, Poland has everything it takes to become a major player on the European market for meetings, incentives, conferences and events.

Poland’s moderate climate, stable political and economic conditions as well as its rich history, cultural heritage, environmental diversity and technological advancement make it the ideal destination for meetings, conferences and incentive programs at any time of the year.

In all Polish cities convention and visitors bureau provides professional information about  destination's lodging, dining, attractions, events, museums, arts and culture, history and recreation.

Our professional meetings organizers will provide you with all essential products and services needed to plan a meeting or event in Poland. Keeping their approach professional and pertinent, they combine it with imagination and creativity, that is why even the most traditional meeting will be remembered as innovative by its participants.

Besides ballrooms at business hotels, event managers can also make use of unique venues: galleries, museums, boutique hotels, post-industrial halls and state-of-the-art office buildings. Rooms available for conferences and events are to be found on top floors or hundreds of metres underground.

Polish venues and suppliers of catering, multimedia and conference systems offer services at high standards for prices that are still lower than those in Western Europe.

Proverbial Polish hospitality and service often turn out to be of key importance for events like association meetings – these are the details that can make or break an event.

The choice is simple and easy! POLAND!

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