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Castle of Silesian Piasts


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Silesian Wawel invites, one of the most recognized wonders of Opolszczyzna. Zamek of Brzeg is a unique monument. Included in class "o" is one of the most beautiful renaissance building in Silesia.

The castle in Brzeg came into being probably about 1300, in place of already existing wooden manor. At the beginning, it was a duke's residence, but it also played an important role of political and economic centre in the principality of Henrycy Śląscy. The importance of the fortress raised in 1311, when there was created Principality of Legnica and Brzeg, inducted to Bolek III Rozrzutny who in 1342 made the place a constant seat of dukes of Brzeg. Rebuilt in 1359-1398, by the heir of Rozrzutny, a duke Ludwik I, he held a similar form until half of XVI century, when on the order of the owner a duke Fryderyk II and his wife Elżbieta, the object was fortified. These works started great rebuilding from 1544-1560. After the death of Fryderyk II, works were continued by Jerzy II Wspaniały. He brought to Brzeg a great architect Jakub Parr, his son - Franciszek and his brother-in-law Bernard Niuron. Under their direction/control, there was created a four-flanked complex surrounding a yard decorated with columns' cloisters based on pattern of the royal castle in Wawel.Then, there was a beautiful gate's building with carved busts of 24 Piasts, ancestors of Jerzy II and of himself and his wife, Barbara. The idea of gate was taken from xylograph "Kroniki Polskie" of authorship of Maciej Miechowita.

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Zamkowy place 1
49-300 Brzeg
Province: OPOLSKIE
La latitude et la longitude: 50.863803,17.466642

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