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PGE Renewable Energy S.A, Branch in Solina

This is the largest concrete dam in Poland.

This is the largest concrete dam in Poland. The construction of the hydroelectric power plant on the River Sana was crucial for water management throughout the entire south-eastern part of Poland. The dam and power plant in Solina, built between 1961 and 1968, increased the protection against flooding across the whole region. The creation of the more than 25km long reservoir involved the required inundation of several villages. The view over the dam is impressive. The 664 metre wide concrete wall has a height of 82 metres and is a sight to behold. The structure is also open to the public. The Information Centre ZE in Solina can offers very interesting options to visit the concrete structures of this power plant, which are not just unique on a national scale. The tour starts with the screening of a film about renewable energy sources which is followed with an exhibition presenting new sources of renewable energy. An extremely interesting part of the exhibition is devoted to the construction of the hydroelectric power plants at Myczkowce and Solina. Following this presentation, the tour enters the depths of the dam to explore the hall of machines, see the turbines and even descend to the foundations of the dam, beneath the bottom of the lake.

PGE Renewable Energy S.A
Branch in Solina
38-612 Solina
Phone: +48 13 492 12 00
Enquiry Desk
Phone: +48 13 492 12 98

Tour Reservations
The Renewable Energy Information Centre at Hydro Power Station in Solina
Phone: +48 13 492 12 75
Mob +48 605 442 511
e-mail: zwiedzanie@solina.pl

The tour is available all year round.
Visiting hours
From 1st May till 30th September.
Weekdays, between 09.00 and 17.00
Sunday and public holidays, between 09.00 and 15.00
From 1st October till 30th April
Weekdays, between 09.00 and 15.00
Sightseeing tours for Individuals, at 10.00, 12.00 and 14.00 (minimum group size is 15).
Sightseeing tours for organised groups (over 20 people) between 09.00 and 17.00 by prior telephone arrangement.
Time required for the tour is approximately 1 hour.
The trail is not suitable for people with physical disabilities.
Guided tours only

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38-612 Myczkowce
La latitude et la longitude: 49.4311287144001,22.4088048934936

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