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Ostreznik Cave

This cavern is shrouded in legend. One tells the story of a boy who found a treasure in a cave but when he was bringing it out, the door slammed of its own accord and cut off his heel. The name of a local family, the Pietak family, from heel in Polish, is derived from this boy.

The cave is located in the Ostreznik great rock massif, on top of which the outline of probably a medieval castle was discovered. The cave is situated in a forest at the base of the rock pillar with the large entrances visible from afar. The passages, whose height decreases further into the massif, expand vertically and their total length is about 90m. The cave is devoid of any formations that have been destroyed by freezing processes. The sediments in the cave are made up of sand and clay with stones and blocks of rock. The cave located under Ostreznik Castle was a natural formed system of castle dungeons and cellars. The entrance to the main corridor was formerly through doors which currently can be found in a church in Zloty Potok. The cave lies in the Ostreznik Nature Reserve.

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The cave can be visited all year round.
Trail length is about 40m.
Time required to explore the cave is about 10 minutes.
Walk from the parking lot about 10 minutes.
The internal temperature is about 6° C which falls to minus values in the winter and humidity is between 90% and 95%.
The route is not electrically illuminated.
The cave is not suitable for people with physical disabilities.
We recommend comfortable, athletic shoes and warm clothing in the summer.
Sightseeing is unaccompanied
The cave is easy to explore

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