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“1,000 Years of the Polish State” Underground Tourist Route

Construction of underground tunnels begun in the 13th century by the inhabitants of the city who bored out the cellars under their buildings both for economic and military purposes.


The underground route that runs beneath the streets Klodzko was opened to the public in 1976 after more than 10 years of work related to the preparation and conservation of old cellars. The city owes its existence on the underground corridors and cellars from the 13th century excavated by the inhabitants under the buildings both for economic and military purposes. Because of the lack of adequate safety measures in these excavations much of the old town of Klodzko was in danger collapse in the 1950’s. This threat meant that a team of specialists entered the city to develop a rescue operation in 1958. Initial investigations of the excavations under the Old Town were carried out by a team of cave specialists from the Warsaw Speleologist Club and based on their findings AGH workers and miners from the Mining Company in Walbrzych began work on securing the underground workings in April 1962 over many years to come. It became necessary to demolish the buildings on the north side of the square and a few buildings on Ul Lukasinskiego. Due to this work, it was able to secure the foundations and cellars of the frontage in the southern, eastern and western sides of Plac Chrobrego, the town hall and Ul Nad Kanalem. Work under the south-western section of the Old Town has revealed the possibility of creating an underground multi-level route leading under the city streets. The design and guidelines relating to the route was prepared in 1966, hence its name of the “1,000 years of the Polish State”, by a team of experts from AGH in Krakow. The route consists of a series of corridors, ramps and chambers located on three levels of basements. In several branches of the route several historical exhibitions relating to the life of the city have been prepared.

Klodzko Centre for Culture, Sport and Recreation
Plac Jagielly 1
57 - 300 Klodzko
Tel /Fax: +48 74 867 33 64 (Enquiries)
e - mail: sekretariat@centrum.klodzko.pl

The entrance to the site:
Ul. Zawiszy Czarnego 3
57-300 Klodzko
Tel +48 74 867 30 48

The route is open daily:
From November till April, between 10.00 and 15.30.
From May till October, between 10.00 and 17.30.
The change from summer to winter season is dependent on the change of time during the summer or winter.
NOTE! The route is closed on 1st January, Easter Sunday, 1st November and 24th and 25th December.
Length of the route is around 600m.
Tour takes about 30 minutes.
The temperature inside is about 10° C and humidity is between 75% and 80%.
The route is electrically illuminated.
The trail is not suitable for people with physical disabilities.
We recommend comfortable, athletic shoes and warm clothing in the summer.
Sightseeing is unaccompanied.


localization-imgCarte de localisation:

Zawiszy Czarnego street 3
57-300 Kłodzko
La latitude et la longitude: 50.437023,16.6531541

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