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Summer toboggan run


At the upper cableway station, situated in a clearing Stokłosica is a summer toboggan run, which was built and opened in 1997.

The total length is 710 meters downhill, back luges together with a passenger on the launch site using the ski lift on the track forced a total length of 230 m.

Toboggan run takes nine hairpin bends, at the level difference of about 50 m.
Exit speed is controlled by rolling off with the brake and is limited to 30 km / hr. centrifugal brake operated automatically. All are doubles luge.
With slides can benefit children under 8 years accompanied by an adult and the other person without restriction.
Congress is completely safe, you should strictly adhere to the rules for driving and operating instructions and commands.
(Source: www.czantoria.com.pl - 28.11.2008)
closed circuit during the rainfall

localization-imgCarte de localisation:

3 Maja 130
43-450 Ustroń
Province: ŚLĄSKIE
La latitude et la longitude: 49.683401858713,18.819494247437

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