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St Dominic Fair in Gdansk

The most famous trading event in Poland which also includes a varied artistic programme

This is the oldest and the most famous cultural and trading event in Poland and one of the largest in Europe – comparable to the Oktoberfest in Munich and the Weinachtsmarkt in Hamburg. It also prides itself on its multi-century old tradition as it is now 750 years old It is organised with great enthusiasm at the beginning of August and lasts over three weeks. With over 1000 stalls, it attracts millions of visitors, mainly tourists vacationing on the Polish coast or those coming to Gdansk especially for this event. Trading takes place in the city centre on 30 streets. On the stands of craftsmen, artists and dealers, visitors can buy Baltic amber and jewellery, works of art, antiquities and antiques. Trade is, of course, accompanied by entertainment. The fair has a rich and varied cultural programme – concerts, firework displays, fashion shows, parades, art projects, theatre productions, events and competitions. The traditions of the Feast of the Bread and the Baptism of the Printer are also observed. In 2010 the St Dominic Fair was held between 31 July and 22 August and was visited by approximately 8 million people.

International Gdansk Fairs (woj. Pomorskie)


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