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Professionally equipped Sports Casino Games you learn the rules prevailing in the caves of gambling around the world without investing your own money. Roulette, Billiards, Poker - is one of the games which will help to arouse a thrill participants in the game.

Roulette - gambling game in which bets to place (field) to stop balls in motion on a rotating disc, which is divided into 37 numbered pockets and red, black and white color. 

Black Jack-a game whose rules are drawn from the traditional pond. Each player plays against the dealer and is designed to collect the maximum amount of points close to 21 The title is Black Jack 21 points in the first two cards (hand). The player can also insure against Black Jack dealer, make splits and double the stakes. Detailed rules will know you coming to our casino sports. "

localization-imgCarte de localisation:

Poziomkowa street 20
43-370 Szczyrk
Province: ŚLĄSKIE
La latitude et la longitude: 49.7265782,19.0027517

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