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Ziemianski Bike Trail


Type d'itinéraire
- parcours kayak
La longueur de la piste
- 245 km


Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Wielkopolskiego - Departament Sportu i Turystyki
Piekary 17
61-823 Poznań

Ziemiański Bike Trail is the most interesting cycling route in the Wielkopolski Cycling Route System.

You will be able to see many landowners' mansions and horse studs as well as historic churches and monasteries. You will have the opportunity to visit the only of its kind "film" heritage park, and even take a ride on a draisine or on the park train. At the end of the trip try sweet Honey Trail.

Distance of 245 km (Mosina-Koscian-Leszno-Rawicz-Gostyn-Krzywin-Slonin). The difficulty of the trail starts with smooth asphalt up to the sandy, muddy or rocky "special stages". The marking is uniformly green, in accordance with the standardization of PTTK (Polish Tourist Country - Lovers' Society). The Mosina trail starts at the junction of Mosina-Rogalin and Mosina-Puszczykowo highways. The trail ends in Slonin or Zaorle depending on the variant of the trail.

localization-imgCarte de localisation:

La latitude et la longitude: 52.4064,16.9252

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