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Zamosc Fortress

At the end of the 16th century fortification work around the city was initiated, which resulted in a massive bastion fortress being established. Upon completion of these fortifications in 1618, it was the most modern fortress of the Polish Republic.

By taking advantage of the terrain and the network of rivers and wetlands, an irregular seven-sided structure was built which consisted of seven bastions with curtain walls connecting them. In order to maintain contact with the city, three richly decorated gates were built into the curtain walls called “Lubelska”, “Lwowska” and “Szczebrzeska”. In the event of an emergency the mighty fortress could give shelter to people fleeing from the surrounding areas. The St Michael Bastion (No. 7) is one of the seven earthen embankments of the bastion fortifications of the Zamosc fortress. In the early 19th century, a multi-level, brick “Nadszaniec” was built which was almost 100 metres long and had an inner moat of a width approximately 3 metres. Because of this it became the most important defensive point of the fortress. Inside there were shooting galleries, numerous ramps for pulling guns and casements. The “Nadszaniec” had a defensive function, it was the barracks for the soldiers and the casements found inside were used as a military prison. Currently, the trails in the “Nadszaniec” measure more than 600m and lead through the soldier’s quarters, the shooting galleries and the casements of the bastion.
At present, this area is going through revitalising work which it is hoped will restore the “glow” to this beautiful fortification.

Department of Property Management
Ul Peowiakow 8
22-400 Zamosc
Tel +48 84 639 30 18
Fax +48 84 627 10 28

Zamosc Tourist Information Centre
Rynek Wielki 13
22-400 Zamosc
Tel / fax +48 84 627 08 13 or +48 84 639 22 92
e-mail: zoit@osir.zamosc.pl

The trail is open every day, between 08.00 and 19.00.
Length of the route is around 500m.
Tour takes about 1 hour.
The temperature inside is about 8° C and humidity is 90%.
The route is electrically illuminated.
The facility is not suitable for people with physical disabilities.
Guided tours only in groups of up to 25 people.
We recommend comfortable, athletic shoes and warm clothing in the summer.

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