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Władysław Dziewulski Planetarium


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The planetarium of Torun is the one of the most modern objects of this type in Poland. The unusual show under the heavenly vault, the interactive experience room are the techique miracles which  let us the cosmos get by a hand.

The planetarium of Torun works since the 17th february 1994. It focuses on the popular astronomic showings practically on all astronomical knowledge.

The projector ZEISSA RFP is the planetarium heart . It serves to display the sky everytime and everywhere on the Earth. So on the artificial sky we can see 6000 stars, the zodiac planet configuration, the phases of the Moon, the solar and moon eclipse - brefly all phenomenons seen from the Earth.

The second planetarium room was opened in july 2005. It is Orbitarium room. It is a real science adventure. You can steer there a big space probe Cassini, cameras, aerials and even the engine.

The visitors can also experience the simple astronomic experiments on the Universe. It explains among others the transmission of the signal in the cosmos, the planet atmosphere, the atmospheric pressure. When you use the right buttons, you can check yourself how the tornados are born and how much the people would be weighing on the Moon or the Saturn.

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Franciszkańska street 15 - 21
87-100 Toruń
La latitude et la longitude: 53.0114009219278,18.602728843689

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