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HUTMEN Health Resort



Nombre de places: 390
Nombre de chambres: 150

The resort is located in the centre and at the same time in a quiet place in Dąbki, in a green area, 150 m from a sandy beach and 180 m from Bukowo Lake. In Dąbki there is the largest board sailing centre in the Middle Pomerania region, Windsurfing Summer School and a marina.

The holiday centre offers lodging places in three two-storey hotel buildings A, B and C. A LUX building with a lift includes single, double, triple or group rooms with a bathroom and a balcony. The room includes beds, a fridge, an electric kettle, a radio, beach equipment, a clothes dryer, towels, and additional small accessories. B and C buildings include rooms with halls, bathrooms and balconies. There are also sofa beds and electric kettles. Meals are served in a spacious dining room which is located in a separate building, very close to residential buildings. Typical home-made dishes are served in the resort.

localization-imgCarte de localisation:

Darłowska street 12
76-156 Dąbki
La latitude et la longitude: 54.421058,16.41061
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Office National Polonais de Tourisme
10 rue Saint-Augustin
75002 Paris
tél.: 01 42 44 19 00