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Busko-Zdrój Spa has rooms in seven spa and hospital buildings and the Specialist Rehabilitation-Orthopedic Hospital "Górka". All facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities and have complete treatment facilities.

The Spa was created with contribution from Feliks Rzewuski – holder from Busko - who was one of the patients treating rheumatism. He appreciated the medicinal values of mineral water, founded a company of Warsaw shareholders and received permission to open a spa. The official opening took place on 1 June 1836 year. Since then, the resort has developed quite intensively. There were additional medical facilities and more and more patients began to arrive. In 1860 there were 415 visitors, in 1899 already 2431, and now more than 50 thousand a year come to Busko-Zdrój for health and relaxation.

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F. Rzewuskiego street 1
28-100 Busko-Zdrój
La latitude et la longitude: 50.4564611,20.7218517
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Office National Polonais de Tourisme
10 rue Saint-Augustin
75002 Paris
tél.: 01 42 44 19 00