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The Sport Club Pieńki


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The Sport Club „Pieńki” is found on site of a farm guesthouse located close to Michałowo. It is an ideal place for those who want to escape from the metropolitan hustle and bustle, are fond of active leisure, and love horses.

Three training grounds are available: The first one is a sand ground, 45x72m in area. It has a platform for the audience. (The ground is suitable for different activities). The second one is a small ground for teaching horse riding to beginners. It has a soft, sand base, 30x45m in area. The third one is a vast, grassy ground. On offer:   Teaching and mastering the skill of horse riding,   a course for horse riding instructors,   therapeutic horseback riding,   free horse riding for the disabled,   stables. Stables and Training Horses   all day feeding (ground oat, straw, hay)   mash – twice a week   a run for animals (green meadows from May)   regular visits of a blacksmith Training horses (II Class Trainer):   Horses are taken care of throughout the day: lunging, a manege (show jumping), horseback riding in the field.

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Pieńki-Kopce 62
16-050 Pieńki
La latitude et la longitude: 53.0438,23.3149
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