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One for year in great forest


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It is possible to be acquainted during rally with beautiful landscape of lake Pojezierza Iławskiego.

Period I – Horse adventure is started drive with Bałoszyc for Jarzwałdu. Then, trail crosses by Ulnowo and Januszewo. From Januszewa leads for beautiful forest Jerzwałdu. Trail leads over lake Czerwica, where reservation is placed. Period II - Trail leads with Jerzwałdu by village Gardzień Szymbark. Period III - Departure with Bałoszyc. Trail crosses by Fabianki, Zieleń, Merynos and Ulnowo.

localization-imgCarte de localisation:

14-233 Jerzwałd
La latitude et la longitude: 53.782,19.5272
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