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Horse stud Bielin


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Horse stud Bielin is located on the outskirts of the Cedyński Lanscape Park, has 140 horses with 40 horses in recreational use. Near stud farm is hotel.

Stud Bielin invites: riding on the open range, riding in the surrounding country side and forests, riding in carriages, learning of horse riding, assistance of experienced instructors. Stud organizes: holidays, weekend stays, picnics, barbecues, shooting photos and painting. Stud offers hotel services for horses. 

localization-imgCarte de localisation:

Bielin 1
74-503 Bielin
La latitude et la longitude: 52.828639,14.454556
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Notre adresse

Office National Polonais de Tourisme
10 rue Saint-Augustin
75002 Paris
tél.: 01 42 44 19 00