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Centre of Sports, Rehabilitation and Recreation


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Sports and leisure complex designed for people of Kalisz and tourists, who want to spend their time in active. The place is located in the centre of Kalisz, nearby Town Park, surrounded by Prosna River, close to Old Town.

Sports and leisure complex consists of athletic sports hall, sporting hal with scene, indoor swimming pool, five football fields, cycling track. Athletic sports hall with tartan track 100m long, 8 tracks with take-offs and tees, sports field with scene for 600 guests. 3 fields for tennis can be created on track. Place for corrective exercise, hall for volleyball, basketball, tennis and scene for 720 guests. Hallway with cloakrooms and restrooms; possibility of organizing places to play table tennis, conference room for 30 people; sporting stadium. Slag track, take-offs, tees, wooden tribunes and loudspeakers, free-standing restrooms, side fields, open tennis courts. 4 fields with brick surface, tribunes for 150 people. Indoor swimming pool with 6 tracks, diving tower and tribunes. Rehabilitation and healing section: sauna, solarium, room for exercises, cycling track. Stadium with loudspeakers, restrooms and cloakrooms, indoor tribunes for 500 people.

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Łódzka street 19/29
62-800 Kalisz
La latitude et la longitude: 51.7528,18.1253
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Office National Polonais de Tourisme
10 rue Saint-Augustin
75002 Paris
tél.: 01 42 44 19 00