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Augustow Canal


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A unique technological monument on a global scale which is still part of a major waterway and a tourist attraction

It is a world class monument to the art of hydro-technology, still used as a tourist waterway and an attraction of the region. The waterway connecting the River Biebrza with the River Neman was planned for economic reasons – it was meant to guarantee access by the Polish Kingdom to the Baltic Sea. However its usefulness was limited.  The main designer and project manager of a major part of the Augustow Canal was Colonel Ignatius Pradzynski. Building work began in 1825 and was completed in 1839. Sections of the rivers Netta and Czarna Hancza as well as some lakes were incorporated  – linking them with the built section of the canal. The total length of the canal is over 102.2km of which 80km is on Polish territory and the rest in Belarus. The water levels in the Augustow Canal are regulated by 18 locks, 14 of which are in Poland – the majority have been preserved in the same technical condition as the day they were built. Worthy of mention is the Augustow Canal Museum which can be found in Augustow. It houses a permanent exhibit depicting the history of the construction and operation of this unique waterway. Much space is devoted to the main creator of the Canal.

Augustow Canal – Augustow (woj. Podlaskie)


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29 Listopada street 7
16-300 Augustów
La latitude et la longitude: 53.844611,22.99582
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Office National Polonais de Tourisme
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