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Chata Swojskie Jadło (Home-made Food Cottage)


"Home-made Food" Cottage is the quintessence of ethnic climates - delicious, regional cuisine with adequate beverages and good fun accompanied by folk bands.

The cottage is a combination of four chambers with interior design referring to furnishing of the19th century - wooden tables and benches, wicker handicrafts, archaic farm equipment, dairy products and liquors prepared according to Old Polish tradition, a fireplace. In the summer the cottage area is increased by an internal courtyard where you can sit "under the pear tree" in a country garden. The cottage kitchen is a combination of tastes and flavors of regional dishes. It is also known to organize cottage thematic events such as "Swine Feast," "PRL Evening " and to remind the dying rites and customs: "Matchmaking", "Cabbage Pickling ".

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Nadbystrzycka street 16
20-618 Lublin
La latitude et la longitude: 51.238,22.5512
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