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Zoological garden


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Ogród zoologiczny
Topolowa 11
Nowy Tomyśl

At the moment in the zoo in Nowy Tomyśl there are more than 200 animals, representing 45 species.
It is a wonderful place for relaxation and recreation. Close vicinity to the city centre, admission free for individual visitors, convenient opening times (from 10:00 a.m. till dawn) and above all a chance for contact with nature and exotic animals encourage potential visitors from Nowy Tomyśl and neighbouring areas to come here with their families.

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Nowy Tomyśl
La latitude et la longitude: 52.3181885,16.1282552
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Office National Polonais de Tourisme
10 rue Saint-Augustin
75002 Paris
tél.: 01 42 44 19 00