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Bisnik Cave

The cave on Bisnik Hill has been famous for a long time. The local people believed that it contained hidden treasures which were the reason for digging in the sediments. The last of the local treasure hunters were encountered here in 1965, still having a deep belief in its existence. They have been right, there were treasures here, but probably not as they imagined.

The cave is about 96m in length made up of a number of chambers and entrances. However, its main entrance was only excavated in the course of systematic archaeological research. It was discovered that it had been inhabited several times by Palaeolithic hunters. The oldest relics found to date are about 250,000 years old.
A rare discovery has been the location of building fragments in front of the mouth of the cave, from about 40,000 years ago, which were either a roof, a covering or a shelter, built from stone, large bones and poles, on which animal skins were stretched.
The entrance to the cave is closed off with a wire fence. The interior is an archaeological excavation with a reconstruction of Palaeolithic human encampment. Excavation is still carried out by researchers from Torun and search for the remains of prehistoric men that once live there.
Due to the ongoing archaeological work, the cave is not open to the public but it is worth seeing the reconstruction of the camp and take a walk along the beautiful Wadaca Valley, on the Green Trail of The “Cave-Dwellers” demarcated in 2005 as part of the project “In Search of a Neanderthal - among the rocks and caves of the Valley Wadaca”.

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Due to the ongoing archaeological work, the cave is currently not open to the public.
Length of the cave is about 96m.
The internal temperature of about 6° C and humidity is between 96% and 99%.
We recommend comfortable athletic shoes.
Please do not leave any litter in the cave or around it.

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