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Babiogorski National Park


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Babiogórski Park Narodowy

It has been entered on a list of international biosphere reserves. The rich vegetation and an abundance of hiking trails make this park attractive for tours.

It was founded in 1954. It is one of the smaller parks with a surface area of 3,391.5 hectares. There is a buffer zone around the park of 8,437 hectares. Its emblem is the rare plant – the Okrzyn Jeleni. The National Park covers the northern and part of the southern massif of Babia Gora (the highest range of the High Beskidy range) for about 10km measured between the Jalowiecki Pass and the Krowiarka Pass. The Park covers the area of the massif from about 700m above sea level to the top of the peak known as Diablak (1725m).

The vegetation in the Babia Gora massif is characterised by a system of altitude levels; up to 700m are the foothills above these stretch the sub-alpine forests which are dominated by the Carpathian birch, spruce and fir. Above this, up to 1,390m, are the alpine forests (spruce), higher only dwarf shrubs and various herbs grow and finally around the peaks there are alpine grasslands.

In 1987 the park was included in the UNESCO international network of biosphere reserves with attention on the natural treasures. A convenient starting point to visit the park is the village of Zawoja. Trips are made easier by the network of nature trails and educational paths.

Babiogorski National Park – Zawoja (woj. Slaskie)


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