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Archaeological Museum


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- wystawy stałe - wstęp wolny

The Museum of Archeology is 185 years old. It was established in 1815 initially with private and post-secular archeological collections.

From its beginnings, the Museum has been geared towards the acquisition of archeological monuments from Silesia for study and exhibition purposes. That policy has continued up to today with the inclusion of excavation works and coincidental findings. The museum houses monuments representing all epochs and periods, from the late Stone Age (500,000 years ago) to modern times (19th century). Apart from archeological monuments that have long been present in scientific as well as popular archeological literature, the museum continues to expand its collection with objects from the excavations that preceded the renovation of Wroclaw's Old Town. The museum is one of the oldest of its kind in Europe. It has been continuously open to the public throughout times of war, the changing political systems and affiliations to other nations. Presently the museum continues the archeological traditions of Prussia and Germany; its collections are a knowledgeable fusion of Silesian heritage and modernity. These facets are represented in both the museum's priceless monuments and its archives of documentation and photography.

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50-136 Wrocław
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