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Museum of Iron Ore Mining

The permanent exhibition, titled “The History of Iron Ore Mining” was created in the underground tunnels excavated between the years 1974 and 1976 connecting the Czestochowa Museum Exhibition Pavilions in the Stanislaw Staszic Park. In its entirety, it is a model of the most characteristic iron ore underground workings on a natural scale.

The exhibits originate from iron ore mines throughout the Czestochowa region, which include the Rudniki, Wreczyca, Sabinow, Grodzisko, Dzbow and Barbara Mines but the most come from the Szczekaczka Mine in Brzeziny .
The exhibition shows examples of tunnel excavations with both wooden and steel supports, a pump room and a section of excavated rock-face with its surround and mining equipment and machinery. The original machines and means of transport have been displayed in the corridors and chambers. The full complement of tools and machines used in the past by working miners has been displayed in the exhibition hall that has been divided into separate sections. Collections include numerous types of supports of mine workings, mining lamps and minerals. There is also a presentation of historic tools and methods of the extraction of iron ore. The building has been restored thanks to the efforts of the City Council of Czestochowa between 2006 and 2007 and the idea of the subsequent opening of Museum of Iron Ore Mining was to preserve the centuries-old traditions of ore mining that is characteristic of the Czestochowa region.
A replica of the mine has been listed in the Trail of Technical Monuments of the Silesian Province.

Czestochowa Museum
Aleje N.M.P. 45a
42-200 Czestochowa
Phone: +48 34 360 56 31
fax. +48 34 360 54 55
e-mail: muzeum@muzeumczestochowa.pl

Museum of Iron Ore Mining
Staszic Park
Ul Kamienic 4
Tel: +48 34 360 56 33 (Telephone the Pavilion Exhibition)

The open-air museum is open year-round, at the following times:

Closed on Mondays

Length of the trail is 100m.
Tour takes about 45 minutes.
Walk from the car park takes about 5 minutes.
The internal temperature is about 9° C and humidity is between 70% and 80%.
The route is electrically illuminated.
The trail is not suitable for people with physical disabilities due to the number of stairs.
Sightseeing is unaccompanied.

localization-imgCarte de localisation:

7 Kamienic street 4
42-217 Częstochowa
Province: ŚLĄSKIE
La latitude et la longitude: 50.8103595,19.1007599

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